IMG_2999In over ten years working with businesses, nonprofits and charities, I’ve written web copy, marketing materials, articles, reports, fundraising materials, brochures and product descriptions. I can research, write and edit any kind of copy, in your brand style. My speciality is clear, accessible, friendly copy.

What I write about

My experience spans international development, health, education, disability, medical research, fundraising, campaigning, financial services, technology, transport, environment, food, property, arts, crafts and culture.

My strengths

  • Getting into the shoes of the people you want to talk to
  • Using language to catch people’s attention, move them and inspire them to act
  • Getting people interested and excited about the things that matter to you
  • Putting complicated, specialist information into plain English 
  • Pulling out key messages and making sure they’re expressed clearly
  • Making sure your brand voice shines through
  • Teamwork (with designers, developers, product managers and marketers)
  • Brand development (communicating your organisation’s unique proposition)
  • Digital and social media (understanding what makes it work really well).

Find out more about my work and clients.


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