Read why people recommend me on LinkedIn:

“Sophie worked with us during an exceptionally busy time in our team. She supported us with a challenging project and wrote copy for a new section on our website.
Sophie is a true professional – she asks the right questions to gain real insight to any project she is working on, she understands the brand and tone when writing copy really quickly, and she produces work to a high standard. Plus she’s a real pleasure to work with!”
Kati Kuusisto, Online Content Manager, Cancer Research UK

“Superstar Sophie has made a huge difference here at JustGiving. She’s really recognised that content is an integral part of any web user experience, and she’s done an amazing job of making sure that our tone is friendly, consistent, and welcoming. She’s super professional and always hits her deadlines, while maintaining a friendly attitude and a great sense of humour. She’d be a huge asset to any business where writing and content is key!”
Elizabeth Kessick, Usability and Insight, JustGiving

“Sophie attends to her craft with grace and virtue. She calmly traverses the milestones to success as the waters swell beneath her – your precious project flourishing in her hands. If you want to do right, write right now. Highly recommended.”
John Nugent, Head of Digital, First Great Western

“Sophie is an excellent communicator and understands the clients requirement easily, putting her creative ideas and suggestions to work efficiently. Once a piece of work is discussed, you can relax in the knowledge that the output will be of the highest quality and will be delivered on time and to budget.”
Nicola Power, Board member, Social Research Association

“Sophie is a pleasure to work with. Not only are her writing skills fantastic, but she really goes the extra mile to ensure that we are getting the best results possible. Her passion, enthusiasm, and thoughtfulness really come out in her work.  I will definitely work with Sophie again.”
Louise Ashley, Marketing and Programming Manager, MTV Networks International

“Sophie has all the skills you require in a freelance writer – she listens to what you need, is quick, responsive and reliable throughout the process and ultimately produces great copy which captures the attention of the reader. A great person to work with!”
Suzi Browne, Head of Communications and Marketing, Sparks

“Sophie has time and again demonstrated her insight into what exactly is needed on the projects she works on – even when the client isn’t clear. She is readily available and responsive throughout projects, building strong relationships through those she works with. The final product is always on brief and on time, which is why Sophie is often the first point of call on copywriting projects. Highly recommended!”
Ben Matthews, Founder, Bright One

“Sophie is a talented and versatile writer/editor of both print and online communications. She has an excellent command of plain language and is sensitive to each particular audience’s situation and needs. She also has an intuitive feel for brand tone of voice and writes and edits accordingly. She has a thoughtful and considered approach to her work and is a trusted and delightful colleague.”
Kathryn Quinton, Publications and Brand Manager, National Autistic Society

“Sophie is an extremely talented writer who can easily adapt to, and develop, a specific tone of voice. She can write both exceptional creative marketing copy and superbly clear usability copy – increasingly important for any website that is seriously invested in delivering a top notch user experience. Sophie is also a deliverer – I don’t think she ever missed a deadline in the year we worked together. On a personal level Sophie is an absolute pleasure to work with.”
Heather Bird, Head of consumer, JustGiving

“Sophie worked with me on a large and prestigious flagship project for the BBC and capably managed all aspects of content delivery. Her responsibilities included: helping to define the key learning objectives – writing all scripts, content and instructional copy – organising and directing voiceover recording – defining the most efficient content production processes – managing other members of the content team. Sophie is professional, capable, dedicated and a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her wholeheartedly.”
Mark Perry, Creative Producer, Atticmedia

“I worked with Sophie over the course of a year whilst I was engaged in a consulting project for JustGiving. Sophie had an excellent knack for getting under the skin of the brand, and crafted a copy style and tone of voice which reflected JustGiving’s values and personality perfectly. She is a strong champion for meaningful user experience and intuitively thinks from the user’s perspective. I also found her to be insightful, highly committed and lots of fun to work with. I’d highly recommend her!”
Sarah Matthews, Owner, Sarah Matthews Consulting

“Sophie is a talented, egoless writer. Despite working in different countries, it was incredibly easy and a complete joy to work with her. Sophie and I were able to complete many successful projects, including a re-write of our transactional emails that increased our donor net promoter score by 18%. Sophie had a knack for understanding cultural differences and successfully communicated to American and British users. Sophie’s gift for communicating the brand and tone of voice humanized the JustGiving and FirstGiving sites, giving many users a sense of security, satisfaction and pride for raising money and donating.”
Beth Lingard, Product Experience Manager, FirstGiving

“It was a pleasure working with Sophie at JustGiving. Her exceptional skills in tone of voice and communication are complimented with sensitivity and deep understanding of brand management. Moreover, Sophie’s consistent contribution, openness and level-headedness in challenging team environments make her an invaluable asset to any organisation.”
John Henry, Research & Analytics, JustGiving

“Sophie was a great addition to the product team at JustGiving, able to adapt her writing style to both print and online at the drop of a diphthong. Her focus on attention to detail was second to none and her ability to work to (and in many ways define) JustGiving’s brand and user experience ‘tone of voice’ have stood the company in great stead for the future.”
Will Hardy, User experience/interaction designer, JustGiving

“Sophie’s attention to detail and precision as Content Editor at JustGiving was professional to say the least. We collaborated regularly and Sophie was a pleasure to work with. I’m sure that she will be a real asset with whom ever she works with.”
Will Colley, Designer, JustGiving

“Sophie is a pleasure to work with. At Firstgiving, it was evident that she could listen extremely well to both colleagues and users of the website and write content that not only made sense to its reader, but also projected the style and voice of the company so elegantly.”
Ben Lingard,
Finance Manager, FirstGiving

“Sophie is an agile member of any team as well being sublime as a content editor and brand visionary. Taking ownership of JustGiving’s blogging & tweeting side for a large percentage of the company – enabling the overall user experience/brand style to seem as if it were one and the same. Even when working with numerous key stakeholders, she would always achieve fantastic results. Furthermore, Sophie is always keeping ahead of the game – working with teams in brainstorming, user experience and focusing on copy, working with both American & English teams for different tones of voice.”
Kai Chan Vong, Designer/Front-end developer, JustGiving

“Sophie is an excellent copywriter. She is very skilled at cutting through complicated or confused messaging to make it easy for the reader to understand. She spends time asking questions to make sure she has the information she needs (including the context of the project and the tone of voice). I’ve worked with Sophie on a few different projects at JustGiving, sometimes at short notice, and she has never missed a deadline. If you want a copywriting job done well and delivered on time, I’d definitely recommend Sophie.” 
Melanie Clayton, Content Editor, JustGiving 


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